C O N S U L T I N G  S E R V I C E S

I invite you to channel my many years of highly successful business-to-business publishing experience into your company. I'll help you increase revenues . . . bolster profits . . . overcome lagging market conditions . . . outsmart the competition . . . uncover new business opportunities . . . launch new titles.

My consulting services embrace the full spectrum of publishing, with special emphasis on:

  • Developing breakaway strategies
  • Training salespeople
  • Positioning and refocusing publications
  • Conducting marketing due diligence on potential acquisitions
  • Writing business plans
  • Analyzing start-up feasibility and developing launch es
  • Identifying brand extensions and other new profit opportunities
  • Providing a "Situational Analysis" of your publication/book

If you are ready to put a seasoned pro on your management team . . . if you're willing to entertain a fresh and creative business perspective . . . call me at 208-881-9925.  I consult on an hourly,  daily, project or retainer basis.